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  1. Zulugor
    Zulugor2 years ago

    A universe out of nothing is evidence of a agent/creator. Just like life on this planet is evidence of an intelligent source. As the OP indicated information is a fundamental principle of the universe and for life. We have more information in DNA than a set of encyclopedias. Instructions equal information. That information is housed in four bit coding within DNA and coding is evidence of a mind. So we have information encoded within DNA as evidence of an intelligent source because information always comes from an intelligent source. Now based on what science tells us I outlined the attributes of that agent/creator. Using the principle of the best explanation those attributes would point to an eternal Creator we call God.

  2. Fenrilkree2 years ago

    Why not? I'm always open to critiques and ideas. TnT Productions sounds truly familiar.

  3. Kajind
    Kajind2 years ago

    If hubby's good tonight I might let him see my ankles. Just a peek though.

  4. Kelmaran2 years ago

    I would like to know! Add me or send me a message. Hope to hear from you soon

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